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Overview of Zoo Atlanta

The image features a close-up view of a regal lion with a full mane looking calmly towards the camera, set against a blurred natural backdrop. Visible in the foreground of the image is a logo for Zoo Atlanta. Image showing a majestic lion with a full mane lying down and looking calmly at the camera. Bare tree branches and a cloudy sky form the background. The green text overlay at the bottom reads 'Zoo Atlanta'.

Nestled in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, this zoo is a welcoming place where the beauty of wildlife meets the joy of learning and conservation. Since opening its doors in 1889, this beloved Zoo has blossomed into a must-visit destination, attracting families, animal lovers, and curious minds from near and far. Spread over 40 lush acres in Grant Park, the Zoo is home to over 1,000 animals, showcasing more than 200 species from different corners of the world.

At the Zoo, you will be greeted by an impressive array of great apes - it's one of the best places in the United States to get close to a large family of gorillas and a captivating group of orangutans. But that's not all; from the majestic elephants and roaring lions to the playful tigers and adorable pandas, there's a wide variety of animals waiting to be discovered.

The Zoo isn't just about observing animals; it's deeply committed to their future. Through extensive conservation efforts and educational programs, the Zoo works tirelessly to protect wildlife and habitats, offering a plethora of interactive exhibits and activities. These efforts aim to spark curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of the natural world among visitors of all ages.

So, whether you're keen on exploring the wonders of the African Savanna or venturing through The Ford African Rain Forest, Zoo in Atlanta has something special for everyone. And with GreatWorkPerks discount tickets, there's never been a better time to dive into this animal adventure!

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Affordable Adventure Awaits with your Zoo Atlanta Discount Tickets

Image shows three gorillas at Zoo Atlanta with a logo at the bottom. One is eating, another sitting calmly, and a young gorilla stands nearby. In the background, a smiling girl observes them. Image displays three gorillas at Zoo Atlanta, with lush greenery in the background. On the left, an adult gorilla sits prominently on the grass, another adult is in the center, and a young gorilla is on the right. Smiling onlookers are partially visible in the backdrop. The zoo's logo is at the bottom.

Get Zoo Atlanta Tickets:

Grab your Zoo Atlanta tickets for a journey through a world of exotic wildlife. Purchase your Zoo Atlanta discount tickets through GreatWorkPerks for an even more affordable experience.

Interactive Experiences:

Your Zoo Atlanta ticket unlocks interactive exhibits and animal encounters, perfect for all ages to learn and engage.

Conservation Insight:

Every Zoo Atlanta ticket supports global conservation efforts, offering educational insights into protecting endangered species.

Family-Friendly Fun:

Enjoy a range of activities designed for families, making learning fun and accessible with Zoo Atlanta discount ticket options.

Seasonal Highlights:

Experience unique seasonal events and special encounters, often available at discounted rates through GreatWorkPerks.

Natural Environments:

Explore authentic habitats that mirror the natural homes of the Zoo's diverse animal population.

Activities and Attractions to Visit with Your Zoo Atlanta Tickets

Image description: A large rhinoceros stands on grass with its head and two horns visible, the body extending to the right of the frame. Above, the logo 'Zoo Atlanta' with stylized animals and green stripes is present, suggesting the location is Zoo Atlanta. Image of a rhinoceros at Zoo Atlanta. The rhino is standing on grass next to a path, showcasing its large body and prominent horn. The zoo's logo is visible in the bottom left corner.

Children Activities

The Zoo invites families to enjoy a variety of kid-friendly activities, like thrilling mystery hunts, lively stage shows, and interactive educational experiences, all designed to spark curiosity and fun for younger visitors.


Take a delightful pause during your outing at the Zoo with a visit to engaging KIDZone and Naked Mole Rat Playgrounds. These areas are perfect for children to play, climb, and explore, offering endless fun and a fantastic way to use up all that zoo excitement!

Rides & Attractions

  • Treetop Trail: Navigate rope ladders, bridges, nets, and tightropes to test your agility and balance in a fun, engaging way. Buy your Zoo Atlanta tickets today!
  • Petting Zoo: Meet and greet friendly goats and sheep at Outback Station, a perfect spot for making new animal friends!
  • Gorilla Trek: Experience the thrill of the Rwandan jungle and watch gorillas in their natural habitat, all from the comfort of your spot at the Zoo.

Giraffe Feedings

Come eye-to-eye with the Savanna's tallest residents and have the unique experience of feeding the giraffes at Twiga Terrace!

Wild Encounters

Now's your chance to get up close with the animals through a Wild Encounter! These exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences transform your Zoo visit into an unforgettable adventure.


  • Explorer Shop: The zoo's new store promotes sustainability, offering eco-friendly products that align with its conservation goals and featuring items from diverse vendors and artisans.
  • Panda Pagoda: Explore the extensive range of panda-themed items, including clothing, gifts, accessories, and keepsakes. There's something special for every panda enthusiast!

Tips and Tricks for Visiting Zoo in Atlanta

Image of a brown elephant at Zoo Atlanta, facing left with tusks visible. The elephant's skin texture is wrinkled. In the background is a fence and greenery. The zoo's logo is at the bottom. The image showcases an adult African elephant at Zoo Atlanta standing in its enclosure. The elephant's skin is visibly wrinkled with a dusty brown color, and its large ears are spread out. Prominent white tusks protrude from the sides of its trunk. Foliage is visible in the background, indicating a natural habitat setting. The zoo's logo is prominently displayed at the bottom of the image.

Arrive Early:

Enjoy the zoo in the cooler, quieter morning hours when animals are most lively and visible.

Comfortable Footwear:

Opt for supportive shoes for comfort throughout the day's explorations.

Keeper Talks and Feeding Times:

Plan your visit around these educational sessions to gain deeper insights into animal behavior and conservation.

Stay Hydrated and Snack-Ready:

Carry water and snacks to stay energized, though food outlets are available for meals and treats.

Sun Protection:

Use sunscreen and wear hats to shield against sun exposure during outdoor activities.

Advance Purchase of Zoo Atlanta Discount Tickets:

Buying Zoo Atlanta tickets online can save time, allowing more of your visit to focus on the exhibits.

Use the Zoo Map:

A strategic approach with the map can help cover all key exhibits without backtracking.

Pack Lightly but Wisely:

Essentials such as water, snacks, and sunscreen should fit in a small backpack for convenience.

Capture Memories Respectfully:

Photographs are a great way to remember your visit but be mindful of the animal's comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the Zoo located?

    Zoo Atlanta is located at 800 Cherokee Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30315.

  2. Do I need a reservation to visit the zoo?

    Yes, reservations are needed. GreatWorkPerks Zoo Atlanta discount tickets are dated and serve as your reservation already.

  3. Is parking included in my Zoo Atlanta discount tickets?

    No. Since 2021, only paid parking has been available at the zoo in the Cherokee Avenue lot and the Grant Park Gateway facility on Boulevard.

  4. Do I need to buy a separate Zoo Atlanta ticket for my child?

    Yes, all visitors aged three years and above should have valid Zoo Atlanta discount tickets to enter. Children under three years old get in for free.

  5. Are wheelchair rentals available?

    Yes, wheelchairs are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not accepted.

  6. Can I rent a stroller at the zoo?

    Stroller rentals are offered starting at $11 plus tax to provide convenience for visitors with young children. Please check the official website for updated prices.

  7. What is the policy on pets and service animals?

    Only service animals, as defined by the ADA, are allowed, with some restrictions in certain areas.

  8. How accessible is the zoo for those with mobility issues?

    The zoo is fully accessible, offering various services and amenities for guests with mobility challenges.

  9. Is there a place to eat within the zoo?

    Yes, dining options available range from snacks to full meals.

  10. Are children allowed to visit unaccompanied?

    Children under 12 must be with an adult at all times.

  11. Is there a dress code?

    Proper attire, including shirts and shoes, is required for all visitors.

  12. How soon will I receive my Zoo Atlanta discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks?

    Instantly! Please note that Zoo Atlanta tickets are e-tickets, and these will be sent to your email along with your receipt.

  13. Do I need to print my Zoo Atlanta discount tickets?

    Not at all. Present your Zoo Atlanta tickets at the gates through your mobile device, and you will be allowed entry easily and fast!

Last updated March 08, 2024

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    * Peak times include Friday – Sunday, Holidays, and other high attendance days.

    * All active-duty, reserves, veterans, and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces will receive free admission to Zoo Atlanta; valid military ID required. Regular admission rates will apply to family members and other guests.
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