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All guests must make a reservation by calling (866) 439-2469 every Sunday and Monday from 9 AM to 5 PM. On Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 9 AM to 8 PM. After purchasing tickets, dinner arrangements are required upon reserving your spot. Please refer to THIS MENU.

If you have a reservation that you need to modify, please email: and mention your Reservation Number. Tickets are nonrefundable and nonexchangeable. Tickets expire 12/30/24.

This image showcases a vibrant collage from what appears to be promotional material for the "Pirates Dinner Adventure." The left portion of the image features a couple, with the man donned in a dark, detailed pirate costume, gently forehead-to-forehead with a smiling woman in a blue top with shoulder straps, hinting at a moment of connection or romance. The center of the image captures two individuals engaged in what seems to be a theatrical sword fight. The person on the left is brandishing their sword downward while vigorously defending against the person on the right who is wearing a pirate's tricorn hat and attacking in a lunging posture. Both look intensely focused on their action-packed confrontation. The background is dimly lit to emphasize the spotlighting on the characters, enhancing the feel of a live stage performance. The logos, prominently placed on the top of both the left and right sides of the image, feature the show's name incorporated into a pirate-themed design.

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NEWEST Show: Secrets of the Deep

The Pirate’s Dinner Adventure’s newest show, “Secrets of the Deep,” is now up! You are invited by the royal highness, Princess Anita, to celebrate the discovery of the magical mermaid. Brace yourself as you interact with Captain Sebastian, the pirate who crashes all the celebrations!

First-class dining and a spectacular show all in one! Climb aboard a Spanish-themed 18th-century galleon, made more realistic with a 250,000-gallon indoor lagoon. You’ll be indulged not only by their out-of-this-world food servings but also by their spectacular shows!

Embark on an evening full of fun and suspense as you witness “Secrets of the Deep,” all included in your GreatWorkPerks Pirate’s Dinner Adventure discount ticket.

What is Pirate’s Dinner Adventure?

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is a top-tier attraction in Buena Park, Orange Country. They offer world-class dining, along with an indoor theater live-action show. You will indeed have goosebumps as the pirates swing and twirl around you. You’ll also witness death-defying stunts and swordplay coupled with the astonishing special effects and aerial artistry.

No worries! You’ll never go wrong with their classic good vs. evil tales, making it friendly for all ages. The kids will surely enjoy watching and wishing that the handsome evil pirate fell in love with the kind and charming princess!

Ahoy there! Be sure not to miss out! Be part of a Broadway-quality show full of sumptuous pirate feasts and a four-course meal perfect for all celebrations! Purchase your Pirate’s Dinner Adventure discount ticket and meet the pirates and princess on board!

Is it fun at Pirate’s Dinner Show?

If you are looking for a night out to celebrate with your family or friends, the Pirate’s Dinner Show will surely give you all a fun experience! Your night will be spot on, from the friendly pirates doing acrobatics to the excellent services and accommodating staff!

The food they serve on board is also irresistible. You’ll get a full tummy, a happy heart, and many tales to tell! This is significantly more entertaining for kids and kids at heart who love to watch some epic live-action! If you want to be seated front row, upgrade your Pirate’s Dinner Adventure ticket for a more fun experience.

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Description: The image features a graphic logo associated with the entertainment event called "Pirates Dinner Adventure." Stylized to evoke a swashbuckling theme, the logo has the word "PIRATES" in large, bold, golden letters with a rustic texture outlined in red, appearing as if it's emerging from the background. Below, "Dinner Adventure" is written in smaller, red script. Above the main text, there is a detailed graphic of a pirate skull with a black pirate's hat featuring a white skull and crossbones symbol. The skull is adorned with a flowing, black feather plume. To the right, two crossed cutlasses support the pirate theme. At the bottom of the graphic, there is a text that states "AUTHORIZED SELLER" in a sans-serif font. The overall color scheme includes gold, red, black, and white, representing classic pirate-related colors.

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What are the shows at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure?

This image is a composite of two scenes likely from a theatrical pirate-themed show. On the left, a group of actors in colorful, period-appropriate costumes engage in what appears to be a staged battle aboard a ship. One performer at the forefront is dressed as a pirate with a red sash and bandana, wielding a sword toward a menacing, skeletal sea creature emerging through a misty haze. Other characters, including individuals dressed in similar pirate attire, stand in the background with drawn swords, seemingly ready to assist in the fight. 

On the right side of the composite image, a different scene from the same production shows a man seated on what appears to be a stack of oversized books. He is wearing a striped scarf, a white shirt, and checkered pants, exhibiting a whimsical, carefree posture with one leg crossed over the other. He is pointing outward, with a backdrop that suggests a ship's interior, enhancing the overall maritime theme. 

Behind both scenes, the watermark text "Pirates" suggests this is promotional material for a Pirates-themed entertainment event.

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The image is split into two distinct scenes. On the left, an energetic action sequence unfolds under warm, dramatic lighting. A group of characters dressed in elaborate pirate attire are engaged in an intense battle on the deck of a ship. Swords clash and one individual centrally located appears to be leading the fight, with others around him in dynamic poses suggesting movement and the chaos of combat. Planks of wood, sails, and ropes contribute to the authentic nautical setting, while theatrical fog at the bottom of the scene adds to the atmosphere.

On the right, a contrasting calm scene depicts a single individual dressed as a ragged, colorful street performer or possibly a pirate with vertical stripes clothing, presenting a crinkled, weathered map as if telling a story or sharing a secret. The lighting here is more focused and subdued, highlighting this character’s expressive face and the map. He seems to hold the attention of an unseen audience, and the backdrop suggests an outdoor or rustic setting, with the hint of props like barrels nearby, sustaining the adventure theme.

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Want to see some pirate escapades? Taste the feel of pirate life with the Pirate's Dinner Adventure's most renowned shows!

Secrets of the Deep

Be part of the yearly evening feast to celebrate the defeat of the evil pirate captain Sebastian. You are invited by Princess Anita, the Governor’s daughter, to meet the guest of honor, a magical mermaid. Be amused with the mermaid’s legendary jewel that can summon even the most terrifying leviathan under the dark and mysterious oceans!

Then, suddenly, the evil captain is back to crash the celebration. Bad luck; you’ll be part of his revenge as he holds all of the guests hostages. Experience the suspense as Captain Sebastian Black makes you, the mermaid, and the princess helpless prisoners!

Enjoy the final meal while the brave sailor Benjamin Blue saves you! Witness how he’ll defeat the Captain before he takes the mermaid’s jewel! Join in this thrilling adventure! Purchase your Pirate’s Dinner Adventure discount ticket now!


Are you howling for more spooktacular tales to tell? Join the Pirate’s Dinner Show in October! Vampirates is a swashbuckling treat for your family and friends during the Halloween season. The Pirates Dinner Adventure presents a more spooktacular tale perfectly filled with intrigue, betrayal, and the Vampirate’s razor-sharp teeth!

While enjoying the four-course meal, climb aboard the ship of Evil Captain Sebastian! With his evil crew, “Vampire Pirates,” witness how they attempt to kill the Vampire Hunters! Will Evil Captain Sebastian succeed? Will the Vampire Hunters overcome them? Or will they be the Vampirate’s dinner?

It will only take one bite! Join the Pirate’s Dinner Show spooky tale! Vampirates is showing from September 30th to October 31st! To step up your experience, be part of the ghouls and goblins costume contest every Saturday and Sunday!

All of these are possible with your purchase of Pirate’s Dinner Adventure discount ticket in GreatWorkPerks Enjoy Pirate’s Dinner Show with up to $21 off.

Pirates take Christmas

The evil pirates try to steal Santa! Will Christmas be saved? Or will they succeed and ruin the joyful and loving season?

With your Pirate’s Dinner Adventure tickets, you can also watch Pirates take Christmas! This is perfect if you’re looking for some swashbuckling tales for Christmas eve. Perfectly filled with adventure, laughter, and cheers, this show will surely make your Christmas celebration spectacular!

Pirate’s Dinner Show Menu

This image is a collage of three photos that seem to be taken at a pirate-themed establishment. On the left, there's a vibrant blue cocktail with a slice of lemon on the rim, served in a glass bearing the word "PIRATES." The glass is on a wooden table next to a silver metal goblet and a treasure chest, which contributes to the pirate aesthetic of the environment. In the middle picture, we see a plated meal consisting of a fish fillet topped with a creamy sauce, served alongside roasted vegetables and a starch that resembles either rice or mashed potatoes. The focus on the meal suggests it's part of the restaurant's offered cuisine. On the right, a woman with a big, friendly smile stands in what appears to be the interior of the restaurant. She's wearing a white blouse with puffy sleeves and a burgundy skirt or pants, which contributes to a festive or thematic costume that aligns with the establishment's motif. Her pose with one hand on her hip suggests confidence and welcoming hospitality.

Be sure to visit for the lowest prices and greatest savings on tickets to a wide array of entertaining dining experiences like this one! This image is a triptych of three photographs likely to promote a dining experience, possibly at a themed restaurant or event. On the left, there is a close-up of a vibrant blue cocktail with a slice of lemon on the rim and a decorative stirrer, standing next to a pair of crossed pirate-themed swords resting on a wooden surface. The middle photograph features a plate of food displaying what looks like a creamy pasta dish accompanied by a side salad with sliced eggs and tomatoes. The rightmost photo showcases a smiling individual standing in a warmly lit wooden interior, hands on hips, exuding a welcoming pose; the person is wearing a casual, white blouse and dark pants. The image conveys a sense of fun and the enjoyment of food and hospitality in a themed setting.

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No one wants to sail with a hungry stomach! In Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, you’ll taste many delicious meals! They serve a family-friendly menu perfect for your family’s night out!

  • Appetizers

    Craving for some bites before the show? Make sure to arrive early to taste the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure’s free sample of house appetizers! They will serve this to your table in the waiting room. Choose among a wide variety of free samples, including chicken wings, cheese sticks, meatballs, calamari, jalapeno, french fries, and onion rings!

  • First Course

    You can choose among two yummy but healthy options for their first course. They have vegetable soup or a green salad. Let your server know which one you prefer among the two.

  • Main Course and Dessert

    Wondering what they serve during the show? You have a lot of the main courses to choose from! All these delicious meals are included in your Pirate’s Dinner Adventure tickets!

    • Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. It is the most chosen main course as it is delicious with spices.
    • Pork loin with mushrooms and alfredo sauce. It also comes with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. A better option if you prefer pork over chicken.
    • Perfect for vegetarians is the butternut squash ravioli. It also comes with alfredo sauce.
    • If you are a vegan, black bean and corn patty will surely give you a happy tummy! It also comes with vegetables.
    • Mac n’ cheese with mashed potatoes. The kids will surely love this!
    • For the dessert, they serve the chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. Yum!
  • Beverages

    You’ll surely get thirsty watching the Pirate’s death-defying stunts. No worries! Pirate’s Dinner Show has a lot of specialty drinks to make you feel recharged in this adventure! A non-alcoholic beverage of your choice will be served with the main courses. They also have a lot of rums and liqueur mixed with fruit juices if you want a more potent drink.

Tips for Visiting Pirate’s Dinner Show

This image captures two separate scenes from what appears to be an acrobatic or circus performance. On the left side, under a warm glow of amber stage lighting, we see two performers - a male and a female - engage in an acrobatic move. The male has long hair tied back and is dressed in a black sleeveless outfit. He is supporting the female performer, who is clad in a multi-colored costume that includes green, indicative of a mermaid or sea theme, with her hair flowing freely. They are both suspended from what seems to be a rope or a strap, suggesting an aerial act, conveying a sense of movement and strength. 

On the right side, against an atmospheric backdrop of dark blue lighting punctuated by a bright stage light, another female performer is captured mid-air. She appears to be performing an aerial silk act, showcased by her graceful pose and the fluid lines of the blue fabric that extends above and below her. Her costume mirrors the color and theme of the first female performer, suggesting a cohesive narrative or theme to the show.

Remember, at, you can always find the lowest prices and best savings on tickets to spectacular performances like these, ensuring an unforgettable experience without breaking the bank. This image is a split view featuring two different aerial performances. On the left side, a male and female duo is captured in a dynamic pose. The man, donning a black costume, is securely holding the woman, who is wearing a green and red performance outfit reminiscent of a mermaid. Both performers are suspended mid-air, engaged in what appears to be an aerial silk act, with the man supporting the woman as she arches her back gracefully. Red drapery serves as the backdrop to their act. On the right side of the image, a solo performer dressed in a dark outfit executes an aerial maneuver using blue silks. A single spotlight emanates a brilliant cone of light in the background, enhancing the dramatic ambience of the performance. Both scenes depict the artistry and athleticism of aerial acrobatics.

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Get the most out of your discount Pirate Dinner Adventure tickets with these tips!

  1. Purchase your Pirate’s Dinner Adventure tickets in advance

    Buy your tickets online to reserve your seats! Save yourself from unwanted conflicts on the day of your visit. You’ll also save bucks with our discount tickets starting at $32.50! Head straight to the show and meet the Pirates and Princess right away!

  2. Be early

    The complimentary appetizers are served a few minutes before the show starts. You can no longer request appetizers inside the theater house. So, make sure to arrive early, so you also have the time to take pictures in their in-house galleries.

    TAlso, they have an entertaining performance in the waiting house. Don’t miss that out! Maximize the benefits of your Pirate’s Dinner Adventure discount ticket!

  3. Visit on your birthday

    Want to have some free admission? Book your visit on your birthday! You'll get free birthday admission if you sign up to join their crew.

  4. Check their current special offers

    Regularly check their promotional offers. This is a great way to have a discounted Pirate’s Dinner Adventure tickets. They are usually on sale during Mother’s Day, Christmas, and other occasions.

Covid 19 Safety Guidelines at Pirate’s Dinner Show:

The Pirate’s Dinner Adventure continues to follow health and safety measures to ensure your safety. Here are a few reminders you should take in mind:

  1. Even vaccinated, wearing a mask is encouraged. However, if you are not yet vaccinated, you are asked to wear the mask throughout the building. It may be removed while eating or drinking.

  2. As of this moment, the theater house has limited capacity to maintain social distancing. Walk-ins are not allowed. Make sure to reserve your Pirate’s Dinner Adventure tickets before the day of your visit.

  3. When you arrive, make sure to practice proper social distancing. At least 6 feet in between other people is recommended. There are also placed markers on the decks to serve as a reminder.

  4. If you book parties or group reservations, you are allowed to sit together. However, if you plan to sit behind another group, contact them at (714) 690 1497 to merge your reservations.

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are reservations required?

    Yes, reservations are required to reserve a seat. You can make a reservation every Sunday and Monday from 9 AM to 5 PM; and on Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 9 AM to 8 PM.

  2. Where is it located?

    Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is located at 7600 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA 90620.

  3. What time do they open?

    Open from 9 am to 8 pm.

  4. Is proof of vaccination required for guests?

    No, proof of vaccination is no longer required.

  5. Is there free parking?

    No, the parking fee costs $5. It is subject to change. If you have large vehicles, make sure to contact them before your visit.

  6. Do I need to print my discount tickets?

    No, there is no need to print your Pirate’s Dinner Adventure discount tickets. Through your mobile phone, present them for a hassle-free entry.

  7. How soon will I receive my discount Pirate’s Dinner Adventure tickets?

    Right after your purchase!

  8. How long is the show?

    It lasts for about 1 to 1.5 hours.

  9. Will I get splashed with water during the show?

    There are many waterworks in the show, but they will not splash on the audience.

  10. Is there a gift shop?

    Yes, there is a gift shop where you can buy pirate-themed souvenirs.

  11. Is there a free admission for children below two years old?

    Yes, children below two years old are free of charge. However, they do not receive a free meal and must sit on your lap.

  12. Is there a menu for people with allergies?

    Pirate’s Dinner Show ensures to accommodate guests with food allergies. Inform your servers about your allergy so they can discuss your options with you. You can also request a detailed ingredients list of the food you prefer to ensure safety.

  13. Is the in-house theater wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, there are ramps for wheelchairs. You can also let the staff know if you need additional assistive with your seats.

  14. Will I need a jacket?

    Yes, a light jacket is recommended.

  15. Is there a dress code?

    Just dress casually. No nudity is allowed. Make sure you wear shoes and shirts. Wearing costumes is a big plus!

Last updated April 08, 2024.

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