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Reservations are required after purchase of tickets. Call +1-951-693-5755. Any changes or cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to your trip.

This image features a picturesque view of neatly arranged vineyards under a clear sky. The grapevines are planted in rows that create a patterned landscape, suggesting a well-maintained vineyard. In the foreground, two wine barrels rest on their sides, with a portion of another structure visible to the left. These elements evoke the ambience of wine country and hint at the processes of winemaking. The upper left of the image contains the logo for "Grapeline Wine Tours," indicating the context of the image as promotional for a wine tour service.

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Exciting Grapeline Wine Tours in Temecula, Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, Napa Valley, and Sonoma await you!

Image Description:

This image displays a convivial scene of four adults engaged in a wine tasting at a winery. On the left, a man with short hair, wearing a light-colored shirt, smiles as he looks at a woman seated beside him, who has long dark hair and is dressed in a dark top; she is holding a wine glass and appears to be engaged in light-hearted conversation. In the center, another woman with shoulder-length hair and wearing a light casual blouse is seated and holding a glass of white wine, enjoying the moment with a relaxed posture, while on the far right, a man with dark hair, wearing a striped shirt in darker tones, stands and gestures with his hand while holding a glass of red wine, suggesting active participation in the conversation.

The backdrop consists of a row of wine barrels that project the authenticity of the winery setting, with visible text on the barrels that possibly indicates the types of wine or the year. The barrel labels include words like "MOURV," "GNIN," and "SAUV." The group seems to be in a content and comfortable space, lit with soft, warm lighting that complements the cozy winery ambiance.

At the top left corner, the text "Grapeline Wine Tours" is superimposed in white, indicating the experience provider.

To add a promotional twist to the description: Enjoy memorable moments like these and savor the taste of fine wines at unbeatable prices— is your go-to for the Image Description: The photograph captures a social gathering at a wine tasting event inside a winery. Two men and two women are seen engaging in an animated conversation around a high counter. A man on the right, possibly a wine expert, is standing while holding a bottle and pouring wine into a glass for a woman seated at the counter. She is flanked by another woman and a man who are turned toward each other, all holding stemmed wine glasses. The backdrop features wooden wine barrels stacked horizontally, each branded with the word "CINSAUT." The foreground contains the logo of "Grapevine Wine Tours" and a wineglass motif, suggesting a pleasurable wine tour experience. 

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Cheers to the wine aficionados and experts out there! Wine tasting at three to four different vineyards is included in Grapeline's daily Vineyard Picnic Tours at any of our California locations. The luxurious mini-coaches pick up passengers from many hotels and other sites every day and take them to the best wineries in comfort and style. The tour also features a Vintner's Tour (if available) and a picnic lunch with eight different menu options. Choose GreatWorkPerks, where the lowest-priced tickets meet high-quality experiences!

This image features a group of four adults, two men and two women, participating in a wine tasting event at a winery. They are smiling and focused on the experience, with one of the individuals pouring a glass of red wine while the others hold their glasses, presumably assessing the wine's color and aroma. The bar counter is lined with a row of wine bottles, indicating the variety of selections available. Shelving with additional bottles and glasses can be seen in the background. The setting appears to be an indoor wine tasting room with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The lighting in the space is soft and ambient. In the upper left corner, the text "Grapeline Wine Tours" is prominently displayed alongside a visual motif of a grape cluster, suggesting that this may be a promotional image for a winery tour service.

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Grapeline Wine Tours Ticket Information

Temecula, Napa, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara Grapeline Wine Tours

- Includes wine tasting and glass of wine at four wineries.

- Includes behind-the-scenes Vintner's Tour (when available).

- Eight different options for lunch and dessert are provided at no cost.

- Enjoy deluxe mini-coach transportation.

- Departures from area hotels are included. Upcharge is applied for other Southern California locales.

For Sonoma Valley

- This ticket is suitable for a private 5-hour SUV tour for up to 6 people in a sleek black Lincoln Navigator.

- You will have a professional driver take you and your companions to your destination in comfort and style.

- Visit any vineyard you choose and enjoy a tasting!

- Choose from delicious dining options.

- You're free to depart from anywhere within 10-miles of Wine Country. Pickups from outside the immediate area have an additional fee.

- Includes a tasty picnic with dessert, bottled water, and other tour perks.

The LOWEST-PRICED Grapeline Wine Tours Discount Tickets

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Wine Tour Locations

  • Napa Valley, 527 Brown St., Napa, CA 94559. Phone: +1-951-693-5755
  • Santa Barbara, 2136 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Phone: +1-951-693-5755
  • Temecula, 28765 Single Oak Dr, Suite 175. Temecula, CA 92590. Phone: +1-951-693-5755
  • Paso Robles, 412 Montebello Oaks Dr. Paso Robles, CA 93446. Phone: +1-951-693-5755
  • Sonoma, 1051 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 95476. Phone: +1-951-693-5755
This image features a close-up view of ripe blue grapes hanging from a vine with vibrant green and yellow leaves, indicating autumnal maturity. The vineyard, where the vines are methodically aligned, stretches into the background and hints at a serene, rural setting. The sunlight filters softly through the leaves, showcasing the natural beauty of the grape clusters and the peaceful ambiance of the vineyard. In the lower left corner, the logo for "Grapeline Wine Tours" is visible, suggesting the context of the photo as promotional material for a wine tour company. For wine enthusiasts seeking exclusive experiences, offers unbeatable discounts on tickets to the most prestigious vineyard tours, guaranteeing savings without compromising on the quality of your adventure. Image description: This picture showcases a serene vineyard scene highlighted by a close-up view of ripe, blue grapes hanging from a vine with green and yellow-tinted leaves. The grape clusters are bathed in the soft, warm glow of sunlight filtering through the foliage, indicating either early morning or late afternoon light. In the background, the vineyard extends into rows of vines lined up neatly, receding into a subtle blur, which suggests a peaceful depth to the landscape. The upper left corner of the image features the text "Grapeline Wine Tours" in an elegant script, signifying the branding of a wine tour experience.

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What to expect with GreatWorkPerks's Grapeline Wine Tours?

Whether you're a wine enthusiast or want to taste great wines and have an incredible time, now is the perfect time to join any of these wine tours by Grapeline's best! Bring your family or your special someone to this one-of-a-kind wine-tasting experience that includes nothing but the best! Purchase your Grapeline Wine Tours ticket through GreatWorkPerks and save big!

Napa Valley Wine Tours

Grapeline, the best wine tour in Napa Valley, takes visitors behind the scenes at some of the best vineyards in the country. Prepare for a day full of adventure as you travel to various wineries, each as unique as its wines. Grapeline provides relaxed, entertaining, and informative private tours of Napa Valley's wineries.

Santa Barbara Wine Tours

You're invited to a wine tasting hosted by a local expert in the Santa Ynez Valley! Travel to various wineries, each with its unique style and a selection of wines that are just as rich and appealing. More than 120 wineries await you in the Oak-studded hills of Santa Barbara County, a region made famous by the indie hit film "Sideways". Grapeline provides a day of enjoyment for all, with wine-tasting trips for groups and customized private tours for larger occasions.

Temecula Wine Tours

This Grapeline Wine Tour has been rated the best "Food and Drink" activity in Temecula Valley for over ten years. Visiting Temecula Valley Wine Country with Grapeline Wine Tours is a beautiful experience! Grapeline is dedicated to providing excellent service and introducing visitors to the best of Temecula Wine Country. Grapeline's Classic Wine Tour includes four hours of wine tasting, a select cheese and fruit board, and premium transportation hosted by a 5-star wine country connoisseur at a great price. Sedans, limousines, executive SUVs, and luxurious coaches of varying capacities are all available for the different types of tours available.

Paso Robles Wine Tours

The finest way to see Paso Robles wine country is on a Grapeline wine tour. They have the widest selection of available excursions, from smaller, more private shared tours to bigger, more luxurious private tours especially designed to meet your party's needs. They're also the only fun activity in California to offer a convertible shuttle for wine tours. Its primary goal is to arrange interesting and enjoyable wine tours that also teach guests something new. Our hosts' warmth and expertise in sharing Paso Robles wine country will exceed all of your expectations!

Sonoma Valley Wine Tours

To get an insider's look at the wineries in Northern California Wine Country, book a spot on Grapeline Sonoma Valley's top Wine Tour. Prepare for a day full of adventure as you travel to diverse wineries, each as unique as its wines. Grapeline provides relaxed, hosted tours of Sonoma Valley Wine Country, such as the ever-popular Vineyard Picnic Tour, and custom excursions for larger groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to make a reservation to visit any vineyards?

    Yes. Since Grapeline only offers scheduled pickups, reservations are highly recommended. You may book your reservations online or call the reservation agent at +1-951-693-5755.

  2. What time do shuttles, and private SUVs usually depart?

    Shuttles' morning departures are usually 10:00 AM. Expect slight delays with each hotel location.

  3. Where exactly does the shuttle go to pick up guests?

    Guests' pickup usually take place at most local hotels and other out-of-area pickups are available at an extra charge. You may contact the Grapeline staff at +1-951-693-5755 to advise them of your pickup location.

  4. How long do Wine Tours last?

    Your Grapeline Wine Tours ticket from GreatWorkPerks allows you to enjoy the all-day adventure at any chosen Wine Tours. Your return is expected during the late afternoon.

  5. How fast will I receive my GreatWorkPerks Grapeline Wine Tours tickets?

    You will receive your GreatWorkPerks Grapeline Wine Tours tickets instantly after purchasing online!

  6. Do I need to print my Grapeline Wine Tours ticket from GreatWorkPerks

    No need to print them out! Smartphone tickets are OK. Just present them to any Grapeline staff for a more convenient experience.

  7. What wineries are offered on tour?

    The Grapeline collaborates with a wide variety of local wineries, and each day's itinerary is planned after considering each venue's entertainment and tour options, anticipated crowd sizes, and other factors. You may request specific wineries during your reservation, but not all requests are guaranteed. But don't worry; your hosts will surely provide you with the best wine tour possible!

  8. How much wine is served during tasting?

    In most cases, wineries serve 4 to 6-ounce pours of various wines on the menu upon your choice.

  9. Can I give tips to our tour host?

    Yes, you may! You may tip the hosts for their service. All private wine tours require a 20% service charge when you make your reservation.

Last updated January 20, 2023.

Grapeline Wine Tours Tickets

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  • Temecula Vineyard Picnic Tour Monday to Thursday (Adult)

    Regular price $148.00

    Discounted Price $121.50

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  • Temecula Vineyard Picnic Tour Friday & Sunday (Adult)

    Regular price $158.00

    Discounted Price $130.00

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  • Paso Robles Vineyard Picnic Tour Sunday to Friday (Adult)

    Regular price $169.00

    Discounted Price $139.00

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  • Santa Ynez/Santa Barbara Vineyard Picnic Tour Sunday to Friday (Adult)

    Regular price $169.00

    Discounted Price $139.00

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  • Paso Robles Vineyard Picnic Tour Saturday & Holiday (Adult)

    Regular price $179.00

    Discounted Price $168.20

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  • Santa Ynez/Santa Barbara Vineyard Picnic Tour Saturday & Holidays (Adult)

    Regular price $179.00

    Discounted Price $168.20

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  • Temecula Vineyard Picnic Tour Saturday & Holidays (Adult)

    Regular price $179.00

    Discounted Price $168.20

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  • Sonoma 5-Hour Winery Tour for up to 6 Guests Sunday to Friday (Adult)

    Regular price $660.00

    Discounted Price $600.00

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