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Trusted by 10000+ Employers Trusted by 10000+ Employers

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As a women-owned business, we understand the importance of customizing benefits to meet the unique needs of each employee and fostering a community centered around well-being. We meet with these communities and ERGs to gain insight into their requirements and apply those recommendations to your organization’s customized portal.
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Perk up your work!

We are more than just discounts, we're about genuine value and making daily living more affordable. Our goal? Happier employees who stick around.

  • Tailored Perks for Every Individual
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices
  • No Cost Program

About Us

Trusted by over 10,000 employers with 20 years of experience, we are an industry-leading employee discount program. We offer discounts that resonate with employees, delivering genuine savings they truly appreciate.

We stand apart with our lowest price guarantee, a customizable portal tailored to your company's needs, and the flexibility of hassle-free ticket cancellations. What truly distinguishes us is our tailored approach to match the unique lifestyle and preferences of each employee. Whether they're culinary aficionados seeking dining deals or families yearning for unforgettable theme park moments, Great Work Perks ensures every perk feels just right. Our dedication to personalization ensures genuine inclusivity, meeting the diverse needs of today's workforce.

We have lots and lots of discounts because we know what today's employees need. It's not just about the occasional saving; it's about consistently adding value and lightening the financial load in their everyday lives. Ultimately, our program doesn't just offer perks - it makes employees happier and helps them choose to stay with your company longer.

Great Work Perks isn't just a name; it's our pledge to HR managers seeking the ultimate employee discount program. And the best part? It's a completely free program. Contact us today and give your employees the best experience.

Why do 10,000+ companies trust Great Work Perks for employee discounts?

  1. Something for Everyone: Our employee discounts are for everybody. Every age, every passion. We see you.
  2. Real Experiences: From movies to hotel stays, our great deals create great memories.
  3. Great Savings: Through good times and bad, our perks add value and help you save.

If you want to learn more about our free employee discount program, then please Schedule a Demo or Learn More.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great Work Perks stands out not just because of the extensive and varied discounts we offer but also due to our commitment to tailoring these benefits to suit each unique team member. Our platform ensures genuine value and appreciation, turning everyday living into a more affordable and enriching experience. When you partner with us, you're not just accessing a service; you're joining a community dedicated to employee well-being.

Representing over 10,000 companies greatly magnifies our buying power. We broker exclusive deals tailored for the corporate market, which remain off-limits to the general public. This, combined with our prominent position and remarkable sales volume, allows us to harness the leverage needed to obtain substantial volume discounts.

As one of the top sellers of various products nationwide, including theme park and movie tickets, our influence is undeniable. Rather than monopolizing these benefits, we channel them straight to our consumers, ensuring they consistently enjoy unparalleled value.

Lastly, our direct connections with suppliers and commitment to bypassing middlemen mean our clients get perks straight from the source, ensuring the best prices, deals, and a smooth, hassle-free experience.

No, there is no cost to your company. Our services are completely free for businesses looking to offer Great Work Perks to their employees. Our goal is to provide genuine value to both employers and their teams without any added financial burden.

We believe in the value we bring to the table. Our flexible partnership models are designed to suit diverse company needs, allowing you to experience the full range of our services without feeling tied down.

Absolutely! Great Work Perks offers a wide variety of perks adaptable to diverse geographic locations. For companies spread across multiple locations, we fine-tune our approach to deliver customized offers by location, ensuring relevant and enticing benefits for every segment of your workforce.

Once you're onboarded, perks can be rolled out to your employees almost immediately. Typically, the onboarding process for new companies takes about one to two weeks. During this time, our dedicated Account Managers will work with you to customize the portal and curate the initial perks list. Additionally, they'll ensure that all your specific requirements are met and that you're fully equipped to make the most of our platform from day one.

Definitely! Your dedicated Account Manager will regularly share insights on your employees' engagement and savings with the program. These insights help you understand the benefits your team is receiving and fine-tune the offerings for optimal alignment.

Certainly! Recognizing the diverse linguistic needs of companies, Great Work Perks proudly offers bilingual customer support in both English and Spanish. Whether your employees prefer to communicate over the phone or via live chat, our dedicated support team is equipped to assist seamlessly, ensuring a comfortable and efficient experience for all users.

Yes, our platform is designed for seamless integration with most leading HR systems, ensuring a harmonious fit within your existing operational structure.

Our perks go beyond monetary savings. From holistic health & wellness programs, financial tools, e-learning opportunities, to travel getaways, amongst other options, we cater to various aspects of an individual's life, ensuring a comprehensive and beneficial experience.

We're constantly evolving! Our team is always on the lookout for the latest and most valuable perks to enhance our offering. Based on market trends, employee feedback, and partner recommendations, we regularly update and expand our perk list.

Security is our utmost priority. We employ state-of-the-art encryption techniques, regular security audits, and compliance checks to ensure that all user data remains confidential and safe from breaches.

Yes, we believe in a collaborative approach. Employees can provide feedback and suggest new perks they're interested in. We constantly seek to tailor our offerings based on user preferences.

Our platform is designed with the end user in mind. It's intuitive, allowing employees to quickly find and redeem the perks they're most interested in. If any questions arise, our 365-day customer support team is swift to assist, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Instantly! All our theme park tickets are e-tickets, so employees can access them immediately upon purchase.

Our responsive customer support team is available to assist with any challenges. We interact directly with vendors on behalf of your employees to quickly resolve any issues and ensure maximum satisfaction.

Our platform is versatile and can be tailored to businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, across various industries. Our goal is to enhance employee well-being, regardless of the sector or size.

Our curated perks serve as tangible tokens of appreciation, promoting employee satisfaction and well-being. A content employee is likely to remain loyal and committed. By showing your workforce that you value them beyond just their paycheck, you foster a positive work environment, which is key to reducing attrition.

Every vendor and perk undergoes a rigorous vetting process. We prioritize quality, ensuring that our offerings align with our commitment to providing only the best for our partnering companies and their employees.

At Great Work Perks, the security of your employees' data is our topmost priority. We are PCI compliant, meaning we adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, ensuring that all credit card transactions and sensitive information are handled with the highest level of security measures. Additionally, our platform employs advanced encryption technologies and undergoes regular security assessments to ensure utmost data protection.

Certainly! Our Lowest Price Guarantee is a testament to our commitment to providing unmatched value. If an employee finds the same perk or deal at a lower price elsewhere, we will match or beat that price. It's our way of ensuring that our members always receive the best deals possible, coupled with the exceptional service and convenience that Great Work Perks offers. If an employee stumbles upon a better deal elsewhere for the same perk, they can contact our customer support with the details. After verifying the lower price, we'll adjust the cost on our platform, ensuring that the employee benefits from the best deal available. While we strive to offer unmatched value with our Lowest Price Guarantee, there might be some terms and conditions that apply, such as the deal being a valid and current offer on a legitimate platform. However, our primary goal is always to ensure maximum savings and satisfaction for our members.

Our platform is designed with user-friendliness at its core. In fact, it's so intuitive that none of our partners have ever requested training! However, should you ever have questions or need assistance, our dedicated Account Managers are always on hand to help.

Why Choose Great Work Perks For Your Employee Discount Program?

Chosen by over 10,000+ employers throughout 20 years, we're at the forefront of employee discounts. Our perks are not only diverse but also meaningful, offering real savings. With features such as our lowest price guarantee, personalized company portals, and easy ticket cancellations, we stand out. Every perk is tailored to the employee's needs, whether it's someone looking for a great deal on food and local restaurants, or a thrill-seeking family planning a day of fun. We are more than just discounts, we're about genuine value and making daily living more affordable. Our goal? Happier employees who stick around.

When companies join Great Work Perks, they aren't just accessing a service; they're becoming a part of a community that focuses on their employees’ well-being above all else.

Let’s explore the true essence of what makes Great Work Perks the ideal choice for companies aiming for unparalleled employee satisfaction. Here is why we shine:

1. 100,000+ Tailored Perks for Every Employee!

Every employee is unique so why offer them a one-size-fits-all benefits package? At Great Work Perks, we choose our perks to resonate with diverse interests. No matter the background, age, or passion, our genuine perks make each team member feel seen and appreciated. Whether your team member is an adventure junkie, a food enthusiast, or a theater lover, we have a great employee discount to make them feel special.

Our employee discounts include many categories, ensuring there's something for everyone. From the joy of a slice of pizza to the thrill of a day at the zoo; or even from the entertainment of a movie night to the convenience of an oil change – we've got it all. Whether it's theme park trips, car rentals, or exclusive hotel rates, we've curated a collection that adds value to life's moments, both big and small.

2. Direct Deals, Zero Middlemen, Guaranteed Lowest Prices

At Great Work Perks, we have invested substantial resources in negotiating and establishing direct connections with our suppliers.

In today's complex. marketplace, middlemen often complicate the process, add hidden costs, and create communication barriers. We've changed that narrative. By removing middlemen, we not only guarantee the best deals for our clients but also ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience. We also accomplish two very important objectives:

● Unbeatable Deals: Direct connections mean we bypass added markups, delivering unparalleled savings straight from the source. This commitment ensures our clients always get the best price. 

● Hassle-free Experiences: Without the maze of middlemen, processes are efficient, communications are clear, and there's less room for misunderstandings. This ensures you a smooth and user-friendly journey with us.

3. Increase Your Employee's Earnings

We aim to play a fundamental role in maximizing an employee's income. While inflation is an undeniable challenge, with Great Work Perks, its impact becomes more manageable, ensuring employees don't shoulder the entire burden.

Our platform ensures employees can navigate rising prices by tapping into a plethora of savings on a vast range of categories, ensuring they always get more bang for their buck. We ensure that, regardless of market fluctuations, employees will always feel empowered and valued, making the most of their income.

While we can't prevent economic challenges, we can certainly provide a cushion against them by delivering valuable savings. The resources we provide help employees stretch their hard-earned money, no matter the economic climate.

4. Customized Branding and Content Control:

To ensure brand consistency and identity, we provide employers with a customizable portal that aligns meticulously with their established branding guidelines. This portal can be tailored to mirror specific brand colors, aesthetics, and overall feel, thereby facilitating a harmonious integration with their corporate vision.

5. Exceptional Customer Service

Our dedicated support team is always at hand to assist with any questions or concerns that should arise. Our around-the-clock support team is swift, answering calls and chats in a mere 30 seconds, every single day of the year from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

6. User-Friendly Platform

Our platform is designed with the end user in mind. It’s intuitive, easy to navigate, and ensures your employees can quickly find and redeem the perks they're most interested in.

7. Dedicated Account Manager:

Your partnership with Great Work Perks comes with the added advantage of a dedicated Account Manager, who will be your single point of contact and personal guide throughout the journey. This professional not only ensures the efficient setup of your perks program to reflect your company's unique values and needs but also consistently provides insights into the program's performance and employee engagement. By having regular touchpoints and discussions, they offer invaluable feedback and recommendations to optimize the program's impact, ensuring it continually aligns with your corporate culture and operational requirements. With their expertise and constant support, your company is always in the best hands, and your benefits program remains agile and effective.

8. A Commitment to Excellence

At Great Work Perks, we take pride in our relentless pursuit of excellence. we hold a deep-rooted commitment to excellence. There's no room for mediocrity in our playbook. Whether it's the perks we carefully select or the exceptional service we deliver, every touchpoint is designed to be memorable, meaningful, and enriching.

9. Beyond Business: Our Social Mission:

But there's more to Great Work Perks than just great perks. We're driven by a profound social mission. We believe in giving back, in creating a positive impact, and in making a difference. By choosing us, you're not only elevating your benefits game but also becoming a part of a larger movement that strives for social good.


To sum it up, Great Work Perks doesn't just offer discounts; we enable companies to showcase their genuine appreciation of their workforce. In the age where employee well-being is vital, Great Work Perks leads the way in redefining the art of appreciation.